Our association is made up  group of Combat Veterans living in NH who share a common desire to maintain public awareness of all POW/MIA issues. To remember and honor those who gave it all while serving their country in the Armed Forces. To never forget our brothers who are still POW’s or MIA’s in hoping they will return home or be laid to rest in the land they proudly defended.  We fully support all of our brothers who are defending freedom in faraway counties now and those who have done so in the past. It is our duty to never allow this country to turn its back on this generation of veterans like we witnessed to ours. Our membership has been increasing & the efforts of the members to help other Vets & their brothers has been amazing & sets an example for ALL to follow. For anyone outside our membership to know is that we as CVMA Members put forth our efforts as volunteers & as a non-profit association. This is maybe hard for people to understand in today's society with money being an issue with most encounters. This is not in our mission, Veterans that have served in armed forces throughout the lands are always in need of helping hands or someone to turn to. This sets us aside & allows us to be a part of society that has endured hardships pain & suffering with always a light at the end of the tunnel. We as CVMA members & supporters have chosen to be a part of that light in that dark tunnel. Hopefully our small efforts that we may accomplish will touch someone's life even without us knowing.

     Our association's membership share a common interest in riding motorcycles. We are not a motorcycle club and have no interest in the business of others. We stand by the rules of our national charter which dictates the code we live by. WE ARE NOT, NOR DO WE CLAIM TO BE, A MOTORCYCLE CLUB! WE DO NOT HAVE COLORS! WE HAVE VETERAN'S INSIGNIA!   The emblem/logo used by the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association is the sole property of the CVMA. The patch and logo cannot be reproduced without permission from the CVMA BOD. The emblem of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association is in the shape of a skull encompassed by the following colors. The incorporated colors are: Red, representing the blood that has been shed on the battle fields. The Military Gold, representing the many ethnic backgrounds of all nations. Black, representing the heavy hearts possessed for those who gave their lives and for those who are considered missing in action or prisoners of war. The Skull and Ace of Spades represents the death that war leaves in its wake


"You are not Forgotten"


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