We were the soldiers that slept in the rain

         Silent we prowled in hostile terrain, in search and in fear of our foe.

         Longing to light up just one cigarette, we shivered like dogs through the night,

         Hungry and wet, exhausted and yet, we rose and moved out at first light.

         We were the troopers who humped up the hill

         and crept through the valley of death,

         With 80 lb rucksacks, straining bodies and wills,

         we struggled and sweated for breath.

         Moving in darkness through swamps foul and heat,

         We pulled off the leaches at dawn

         Through hellholes and jungles that still haunt our sleep,

         We shook ourselves off and drove on.

         We were the Infantry, haggard and brave,

         Too brave for our good and too loyal,

         Charging the hill far away and bleeding on alien soil.

         We were your children, your brothers, and sons,

         Sent to be baptized by fire.

         We were the ones manning the guns when your enemy came through the wire.

         We were all colors, but only one race.

         No one but each other to trust,

         We watched our buddies stare death in the face.

         And wept as they died in the dust.

         Some say we battled for freedom and God,

         Some say we fought for our flag,

         But mostly we fought for the guys in our squad,

         And the boy that came home in the bag.

         We weren't your finest, your cream of the crop,

         And we didn't parade very well,

         But we were the boys who went over the top.

         And carried your flag into hell.

         We were the infantry, foolish and bold,

         And now just our stories remain,

         The bastards who fought in the heat and the cold,

         And who bled and died in the rain.

                                                      Author Unknown

         (submitted by Pointman)

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