This page is dedicated to the memory of Unsung Heroes
who served their country above and beyond the call of duty.
Also, included on this page are stories shared by veterans
of their military or war experiences.

"Who We Are"

 Recently, I pulled my motorcycle into a gas station to fuel up, and a young man walked over to me and said, "nice patch, who are you guys"? This question typically illicits my one minute speach about who we are, and what wer'e about, and usually ends with my handing out a business card. We've all been there, in our own way. But this time, it really got me to thinking about how to better define who we are, and what we're about. With that in mind, I offer you the following. Most of this is original, but a few lines have been borrowed from others.

 We are the Combat Vets Motorcycle Association,
We're a national, multi-generational Brotherhoodof Veterans
who ride together in the wind.

 We're the Combat Vets, and when our nation called
We didn't run, and we didn't hide.
We stood up, stepped up, signed on, jumped in,
Ran toward the firing, filled the gap, and held the line.

 We're the CVMA, and we've been there and done that,
We've seen the Elephant, and been to the Rodeo,
So, we have nothing to prove.

 We're the Combat Vets,
With scars that show and scars that don't,
We ride together, help our fellow vets, salute our flag,
support our troops, remember our dead
,and we will still leave no one behind.
We are the CVMA
This is who we are, this is how we roll.


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