What If?

          My son asked me some questions tonight

          About the POW/MIAs plight,

          For he has heard much that has been said.

          What if they’re not there? What if they’re all dead?

          What if the refugees are lying for some reason we don’t know?

          What if there’s been no prisoners of war since a long time ago?

          What if they all died in torture in a place without a name?

          What if the POW issue is all just a horrible game?

          What if all our hopes are all in vain?

          What if the Vietnamese are using us for their own personal gain?

          What if what many are saying is really right?

          What if we brought them all out at the end of the fight?

          What if they’re dead?

          What if they’ve all been shot?

         …I answered him simply – what if they’re not?

                                                              by Rhonda Cain

         (submitted by woodchuck)

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